Friday, March 5, 2010

Tourney Time!! Tourney Time!!

Oh boy, what a first day in the State A, B, & C tournaments! Gotta go with the story of the Arlee Warriors handling some business! I have to get up to the Metra today and watch some games, because I'm going nuts trying to find Internet radio that is covering the games, there is nothing in Billings. It isn't like the Hi-Line when you can find the game on radio stations at all times!! Rocky Boy beat Shepard on a last second shot...hopefully they get that one out of their system early and now will be the focused ball playing machine they can be. The Runnin' Indians took down Dillon, the defending champs from last year! They have some tough ball players with Cody Edwards scoring 23 points and 13 rebounds...impressive! Northern Cheyenne playing at 12:30 against Drummond - come on Eagles! Then St. Labre takes on Culbertson at 2pm. Browning takes on Laurel, the Locomotives should be tired from a 2OT game the last night...but it is State, LETS GO INDIANS!! Rocky Boy has Florence, 1 and 2 in the state rankings, none of that seems to matter when it is game time though! The Stars should have knocked off any cobwebs and could potentially blister the Falcons. Arlee / Power ... don't know much about Arlee, but I do know Power is very tough...good luck Warriors! Them Big Sandy boys have been fighting for a State Championship for the past 4 years, them Freshman are now Seniors and they are big and tough! All I got to say is that I Love This Time of Year!!

Check out the articles: Arlee rallies to defeat Culbertson
Browning tops Dillon, moves to semis - Buzzer-beater aids Rocky Boy - Busby athletes celebrate return to win column in basketball - Devoted Class B fans flock to ExpoPark

Monday, February 1, 2010

Webmaster...not even close to Jedi Master...

I will be transitioning out of my web designing duties this week because I will be putting more focus onto our Planting Seeds of Hope program. It was getting too tough to update while traveling and working PSOH. Jeremy Harmala will be taking over and he is a good one, but let me tell ya about the ol' MTWYTLC website. Not that anyone reads this blog anyways, but I started working on that thing back in 1998, eleven years! Thelma Stiffarm hired me as a project director and webmaster fresh out of college. The website and I've been through so much first marriage, a couple of kids, and even the Sovereignty Issue in the late 90s. Cobell v. Norton, basketball tournaments, health care, and daily news has all graced the cover of the front page.

What was the toughest things about running that site...ever changing council members, uploading all those pictures, organizing all that information in a user friendly fashion (something I never figured out how to do). I could go on and on and when I write my web designing will all come out. LOL! Peace!

Thank you all - Don Wetzel, Jr.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Money and ignorance...corrupting sacred ceremonies!

Authorities puzzled by deaths at Sedona-area sweat lodge

When I first read the headline of this story, I was shocked and scared. As I researched it more - I took a deep breath of relief when I discovered it was at a resort, people paid money to attend it, and it was ran by a self-help guru and inspirational speaker, James Arthur Ray who is President and CEO of his own multi-million dollar corporation.

My prayers are with the families dealing with this tragedy, but I can't help to wonder...what the hell are these people thinking?! This is disrepectful and dangerous. The best quote in the article was given by Jennifer Gentry, "In my opinion, it's a sacred ceremony," she said. "You shouldn't sell it, and you shouldn't have that many people in it."

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Washington Redskins...

What are your thoughts on the Washington Redskins name? I know many in our state that wear the crimson and gold with pride. Is the western states more supportive of the Redskin name or more against the name?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Native Athletes Needed At The Highest Levels!

We, at the Native Expressions blog, are not getting much feedback on the topics we bring up. So lets try something else...with Native athletes dominating the basketball courts & blazing trails to multiple cross-country titles across Montana and Wyoming, why do we not see more college Native athletes at the Division I or II levels? Indian Country in Montana, which is only about 6% of the Montana population has won roughly 36% of boys basketball championships since the 80s. What needs to be done to better the situation? How can we support our Native athletes better? Please share your thoughts...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Legendary American Indian Leaders...the hunt is on.

African Americans have Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and most recently, President Obama. Who would you consider to be an influential American Indian leader? Someone that has pushed the envelope for the Tribes, made a difference for the Indian people and influenced change and progress for the Indian people. We have many historical leaders and chiefs from the past, but we are looking for more current leaders. Some names come to mind at local levels, but what about the national levels?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Popes apology...

We have had some interesting discussions and calls from tribal members around Montana & Wyoming on the apology from the Pope to the First Nations people of Canada: Pope expresses 'sorrow' for abuse at residential school

It started out with the Canadian Government apologizing first. Many feel that this is long overdue for the American Indians from our Government. What are your thoughts?